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Swedish Massage

60 MINS | £50

90 MINS | £80

Originally created in the 1830's to strengthen the connection between muscles and bones in gymnastics and athletes, the Swedish Massage is now the most popular, world known massage. Using long, soft stokes and specialised techniques, working on muscle relaxation and tension. This head to toe treatment can be both relaxing and energising for the body.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINS | £50

90 MINS | £80

Decompress and relief your body with the Deep Tissue massage, working deep into your muscle tissue this is the more focused and intense full body massage, tailor made and adapted to suit your body's needs and focus. Perfect for anyone with body stress, aches and pains


Hot Stone Massage

60 MINS | £60

90 MINS | £90

Place your body into complete relaxation and hydration, using the combination of hot stones to heat the body and loosen the muscles, and hands on techniques to relief body of muscle tension. In this treatment your mind and body will be at complete silence. The hot stones will penetrate the oils into the skin and the heat of the stones will relax the muscles, allowing your body to be less tense and more flexible.


Pregnancy Massage

60 MINS | £60

90 MINS | £90

Massage in pregnancy is a wonderful experience. It helps a woman relax, supports her body during a period of physiological change and helps to prepare the whole body for birth. Pregnancy can put a strain on the body and massage can help to relieve aches and pains and other common health problems experienced during pregnancy. Towards the end of pregnancy many women find that there is plenty to do preparing for baby's arrival but it is an important time for women to relax and enjoy the last weeks of carrying their baby. Massage provides a special time for mum to be to unwind and helps focus on her body and her baby. Massage is good for baby too. Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by the stress levels experienced by its mother. Massage has an indirect relaxing effect on the baby as the mother releases oxytocin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation.


Body Cupping

£30 ADD ON

Originated in China, and adopted by many cultures worldwide throughout history. Cupping has proven to benefit the body in many ways. The cupping method involved movement of silicone cups up and down the body, targeting specific areas in which to increase blood circulation. This helps flush toxins from the body whilst also relaxing the facia/connective tissue, preparing the body for efficient muscle utilisation and more effective muscular work. 

Suitable for: Muscle aches/pains. Swelling/Inflammation. Adipose tissue (break down of cellulite). Poor cirulation.

To add on to a massage booking please contact.


Body Scrub

£30 ADD ON

Dry, dehydrated, dull skin?

Add on a full body scrub to the beginning of any massage to remove all dead skin from your body, allowing the massage oils to deeply penetrate and hydrate, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and renewed. After your scrub a warm, private shower is prepared for you to rinse and dry, then back on to the heated treatment couch ready to begin your chosen massage.

Please contact to add on this treatment enhancement 


The Supreme Facial

90 MINS | £180

Transform your skin with the supreme facial, clinically proven to help with your skins collagen and elastin production. This facial helps with fine lines and pore size, while helping reduce visible acne scarring and pigmentation. This facial begins with a thorough skin cleansing and collagen induction therapy. A process including micro-needing/derma-rolling. This is followed with a suitable face mask and L.E.D light therapy to boost your targeted skin results. It also includes your choice of hand or foot massage. The treatment concludes with a scalp massage and the use of our million dollar ice globes, the globes will eliminate post treatment redness and calm your skin. With the power to stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the skin, they also treat sinus pain, puffy eyes, headaches or migraines. This facial has everything you need for your skins concerns and is both results driven and relaxing, all in one treatment


The Holistic Facial

60 MINS | £80

Melt into complete relaxation and stillness with this facial, suitable for all skin types. Starting with a cleanse, tone and exfoliation of the skin, then moving onto facial cupping. followed by an uplifting face, neck and shoulder massage which helps with lymphatic drainage and reduces facial puffiness. You will then receive a facial mask, and a hand and foot massage. The final stage uses warm rose quartz stones and cold jade rollers which reduces inflammation and brings oxygen to the skin, which improves tone, luster and glow. This is a comprehensive head to toe beauty experience and will leave you feeling completely zen.


The Revive and Renew Facial

90 MINS | £130

Revive and renew your skin with this perfectly designed facial specifically targeted for skin which is dull, tired and congested. This facial begins with a gentle steam and cleansing of the skin, followed with extractions to deep clean the pores, ready for our enzyme peel, which will eat away at your dead skin cells. This is then followed by dermaplaning to remove the 'peach fuzz' and leave your skin silky smooth.  We finish off the treatment with a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Along with a suitable mask for your skin type. After this treatment your skin will be left looking radiant, glowing, and brand new.


Ice Blue HydroFacial

60MINS | £90

90MINS | £110

The 5 Technology customable HydroFacial is suitable for many skin types and concerns. It will provide deep cleansing, hydration, oxygenation, anti ageing & skin tightening, leaving skin brightened, glowing and plump.
We have six different technologies to work with during this facial including High Frequency Skin Spatula, Vacuum Suction with AHA'S & BHAS,  Ultrasound, Golden Radio Frequency, Oxygen Spray and Fire & Ice Sealed head.
During this facial you will experience tingling, heating and warming sensations depending on the technologies used.
This facial delivers instant results and relaxation with facial, neck & shoulder massage.
The intelligent ice-blue skin management system allows me to offer thorough skin detection & analysis which will be complimentary to your HydroFacial with an added time of 15 Minutes.

micro needling.jpg

Micro Needling



The ultimate skin remodelling treatment, otherwise known as 'collagen induction therapy'. Involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilised needles. Applying a concentrated, skin suited serum on to your skin and using techniques with the micro needling pen, which is used to stimulate collagen production to even out skin tone and texture, reducing pigmentation, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Thousands of micro-injuries are caused to the skin. These micro-injuries naturally force the skin to repair and rebuild itself revealing a more plump youthful skin.





Working on all skin types, Dermaplaning is a treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, otherwise known as 'peach fuzz'.  It is a non abrasive treatment that will exfoliate your skin by using a sterile device, removing the top layers of dead skin cells which make your skin look dull and sluggish. The removal of the peach fuzz will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Creating a more healthier, radiant appearance. The treatment finishes with a skin suited serum and moisturiser, allowing deeper product penetration and flawless make-up application.


Enzyme / HydroJelly Mask

£20 Add On Mask

Add on a mask to enhance your Dermaplaning or Microneedling treatment. After each of these skin resurfacing treatments your skin is tingly and depending on treatment and skin type, it can also be red. Adding on a 15 minute mask to these singular treatments can enhance skins glow, hydration and brightness. Whilst also helping to reduce redness and sensitivity. 

Please contact to add on this enhancement to your skin treatment. Mask will be chosen after skin examination.


L.E.D Light Therapy

£20 ADD ON

L.E.D was first developed by NASA for plant growth experiments and later found it to have promise for wound treatment.

L.E.D has amazing benefits for the skin, it sends energy producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin cells. Using the combination of Blue light therapy to help calm the skin of redness and kill bacteria (acne) and Red light therapy which acts on the skins fibroblasts, the cells responsible for collagen production. 

Add on L.E.D to your Microneedling or Dermaplaning treatment for maximum results.

Please contact to add on.



Builder in a Bottle™, BIAB™ is a strengthening and flexible gel ideal for sculpting and building the nail.

You can have it alone on the natural nail bed to enhance the natural nails ability to grow or increase strength in nails that are particularly brittle.

With BIAB your nails remain especially strong, healthy and long without damaging the natural nail bed.

Cuticle tidy, nail prep & Gel colour application is included in the service, if wanting nail art/design please add on to service as extra time is needed for this.

design e pro tips_edited_edited.jpg


Unlike acrylic or hard-gel extensions, Gel-X tips don't just sit at the tip of the nails. Instead, they cover the entire nail bed from cuticle to free edge. They are cured onto the nail bed with builder gel which is healthier for the natural nail bed allowing your nails to grow and strengthen underneath.  

BIAB Pro Extensions can be infilled the same as BIAB on the natural nail which is advised every 2-3 weeks or you can soak off and re-apply.

Cuticle tidy, nail prep & Gel colour application is included in the service, if wanting nail art/design please add on to service as extra time is needed for this.

Luxury Pedicure 

Treat yourself to a luxurious full foot treatment pedicure. Sit back and relax whilst you soak your feet in warm mineral salt water to soften the skin on the feet, followed by a Callus Peel which removes hard, callused skin and adds moisture. You will receive a full foot and leg scrub followed by a moisturising foot mask which is left on for 10 mins while you wear hot booties allowing the mask to soak in. Finishing with an invigorating massage to leave you feeling light on your feet. 

Your luxury pedicure also includes application of Gels on the toenails.

3d lipo.jpg


3D Lipo is a non invasive body contouring treatment with no down time and instant results. The treatment tackles three dimensions of body contouring; fat removal, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. The aim is to alter body shape, and the results are generally long-lasting, providing you maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle.

There is four technologies to be used , Cavitation, Vacuum Suction, Radio Frequency & Laser Lipo.

 Depending on the problem area depends on technologies used. 


Below is a diagram of how cavitation works on the fat cells to liquidise them and remove from the body in a natural way.

Body Contouring is booked by area treated, a complimentary consultation will be done before treatment or can be booked separately if you are wanting more information before booking your treatment.

Services: Services

Eyebrow, Lash & Waxing services

Eyebrow Wax-                                         £8

Lip Wax-                         £6
Chin Wax-                                                £6

Half Leg Wax-                                         £15

Full Leg Wax-                                         £20

Bikini Wax-                                             £12

High Bikini Wax-                                    £15

Underarm Wax-                                     £8

Forearm Wax-                                        £10

Full Arm Wax-                                        £15

Back Wax-                                              £20

men Wax-                                     £15

Eyebrow Tint-                                        £8

Lash Tint-                                               £8

LVL Lashes-                                           £45

Eyebrow Lamination-

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